Madison Aquifer Levels 2000-2008

As we have been objecting to Powertech Uranium Mining Companies plans for many years, we have researched the Historical Aquifer Levels of the Madison Aquifer. Powertech plans on taking out 551 gals per minute from the Madison. This same aquifer is used by Rapid City and many people in Pennington County.

From a US Geological Survey Study near Jackson Springs, located on the western edge of Rapid City, the Madison aquifer dropped thirty feet from the year 2000 to 2008. That is a considerable drop in a water level and should alarm everyone. How much has it continued to go down in the past 4 years, especially with the drought?

If Powertech is allowed to take water out of the Madison, it will also affect the Dakota aquifer which is used all over Eastern South Dakota. It will not just affect western South Dakota. The Madison aquifer refills the Dakota aquifer. For our complete explanation of this, go to

This project if permitted will harmfully affect the whole state.

Madison Aquifer levels 2000-2008

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