Occupation Hazard

Occupation Hazard
There's a burnin'
brewing inside
the core
culprits trying to hide
the uranium treat
one can feel the beat
of the Lakota heart
there's a burnin'
inside out
the Black Hills shout
one can hear the echo cry
of an Eagle sigh
the uranium fix
killing the natural mix
of the Spirit Sacred Land
there's a burnin'
inside out
the people shout
occupation hazard at hand
NOW the heart beat
of the Lakota
shall pump
the spiritual red blood
through the veins
of the Black Hills
because uranium kills
Lakota medicine
is Sacred
a stop sign
a red light shine
a Lakota occupy
they always have
and always will
their heart beat
can't be beat !
give it up
you culprits !
occupation hazard
watch your move
the raptor watches
moves about, soars above
and protects
the Heart of Lakota Land.
The Paha Sapa.

Trudi Blue/BlueT   copyright    2007.